The Vango Pinnacle 60+10 backpack for travel

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Originally I liked the whole look of the Vango Pinnacle 60L backpack (terrible but that is how I pick the first few to decide between.) I liked the plain black because it meant my Mum could embroider our logo on it and it would stand out. The flashes of yellow caught my eye and I was sold when I read the information about it on Outdoor World Direct.

Picking the Vango Pinnacle 60L backpack

Before purchasing the Vango Pinnacle backpack we managed to make the decision to get this one because we saw that it had front opening, this was important to use because we are travelling for a really long time, with a lot of stuff and we want to be able to access it easily while we are on the go. We decided on 60L because it was much bigger than the 40L and 45L packs we took for 3 weeks in Thailand the first time. We had plenty of room the first time around but we were not dragging along a toddler and all their luggage aswell as a whole host of filming gear. We certainly needed a bigger travel backpack and the Vango Pinnacle 60L seemed perfect.

Vango Pinnacle
We decided on the Vango Pinnacle

The size

Of course as we mentioned the pack is 60L. But it does not end there, it actually extends at the top to hold an extra 10L if you need it. That is a massive lot of space that you can have if you want or need it. You can use this by adjusting the straps that hold the top cover down to allow a little room for the pack to grow. We are using this space to carry our neck pillow as we travel.

Vango Pinnacle
You can see it sits well on David for his height

David is roughly 5’6 and this backpack fits him well. We did not find that the storage was all put into height, which is what we had been worried about. A lot of the space in the backpack is in width too which means it does not look insanely big on David who is not the tallest person out there.

We have managed to pack for David , Travis and some camera equipment with plenty of room to spare, which will come in handy when we go shopping in Asia!


I already mentioned that the Vango Pinnacle can adjust the amount of stuff it holds for you. This is ideal for us who travel with a lot of stuff and a toddler who seems to accumulate more and more as we go. On top of that you have extra pockets and zips which can expand to hold more items as you travel. There is an area to hold a hiking pole which we are going to use for our cameras tripod.

Vango Pinnacle
There is plenty cord to adjust the straps just how you need

The whole system is also adjustable so you can alter it according to your height. The clips can be pulled and pushed to change the way the backpack is sitting on your body. We done this for David and altered the straps so that they were sitting more comfortably on his shoulders. This also meant that the backpack was at just the right height for the hip strap to sit well on his hips and take a lot of the weight off his back.

*Bonus: The extra cord on the straps can be neatly folded under a bit of elastic to keep it neat. This was great for a perfectionist like David who doesn’t like this to be hanging if they do not need to. Also some airlines are not a fan of things flapping about on your backpack so the neater you have it, the better.


The fabric is textured which gives the Vango Pinnacle backpack a cool look, kind of like honeycomb. It has a waterproof feel so it should hold up in light showers but there is also a waterproof cover tucked inside a hidden pocket in the bottom. This means the pack is totally waterproof as long as you have the sense to cover it in time.

Vango Pinnacle
The backpack has a cool look but its also practical

Little extras

We found some cool bonuses of having this backpack. The hip strap has a little pocket on it which means David can have money handy and easy to get without it being at risk as we travel.

Vango Pinnacle
Handy pocket on the hip strap

We also found that the back of the backpack was plated with two metal strips. David was really happy about this after suffering a bad back for years. It helps keep the backpack tall and straight and helps him to keep a good posture. It makes the backpack a little bit heavier than others its size but in this case it is worth it. The strict shape of the backpack also gives us peace of mind that our camera equipment will not get squashed while its in the hold of the plane.

Vango Pinnacle
The plated back

The buckles are thick plastic which means they are unlikely to break under pressure. This is very reassuring since we will be away from home for so long, a broken backpack would be the last thing we need.

Vango Pinnacle
Thick and sturdy buckles

Another awesome thing about this backpack is it has a whistle. This is a great innovation for people who travel alone, and those who do not, who are worried about getting into trouble when they travel. This handy whistle will draw attention if you so happen to need it.

We got our Vango Pinnacle 60L backpack from Outdoor World Direct. We found this company to be very helpful and willing to answer questions. The backpack came really quickly and by courier which was a lovely surprise! You can get your own Vango Pinnacle from them here. You can also find out favourite toddler travel backpacks here.

Why you should get the Vango Pinnacle backpack for men | travel backpack | Vango Pinnacle | vango backpack |mens travel backpack | family travel | travel with kids | backpack | travel backpack for asia
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Why you should get the Vango Pinnacle backpack for men | travel backpack | Vango Pinnacle | vango backpack |mens travel backpack | family travel | travel with kids | backpack | travel backpack for asia
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*We were given this backpack by Outdoor World Direct to give an open and honest review. All opinions are our own

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