Why you should visit Puerto Del Rosario

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Puerto Del Rosario was not where we picked to spend our time in Fuerteventura. We had decided on Corralejo and booked up for ten days by the sea. Landing in Fuerteventura takes you directly to Puerto Del Rosario, though. This meant that on our way home, since we decided to take the bus, we had a whole day in this town. If you don’t plan to visit Puerto Del Rosario you should change that.

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We had become a bit bored in Corralejo after 2 days. We like to explore, we aren’t big drinkers (when Travis is there anyway!) We managed to do a lot of exploring in the first few days and we were not disappointed. The place was gorgeous. I must say I do love the color blue, and Corralejo gave me all kinds of goosebumps over the blue-ness. We checked out on our last day at 9am and hopped the bus to Puerto Del Rosario. We had a whole day here at the flight was not until 5pm.


After getting off a rather amusing bus journey, we decided to do one of our favorite activities – walk! We had a lot of baggage (part of the fun of travel with kids, right?) Walking around became tiring really quickly. We managed to find a great bench by the sea front to sit and relax at. Only… kids don’t like relaxing. Kids like Travis like to try to climb down the rocks into the dangerous waters below. We became very tired, very quickly trying to stop him.

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An enjoyable day seemed a far fetched idea at this time. We looked toward the airport and saw there was a beach about 3 miles away. It would going to be a very, very long and hard walk in the heat and with Davids huuuuge holdall. We headed off in that direction anyway as it was our last hope.

The beach

We were shocked, and so happy, to find that there was a beach hidden literally 30 seconds away behind a pier! It was an amazing find and we were all so happy to chuck the bags down and change into our swim gear. Before this we had assumed our time at the beach was likely over for this trip.

We stayed at this beautiful beach for hours and played in the lovely, soft white sand and shallow waters.

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The Art

Around town is a lot of street art. I mean massive, glorious and colorful paintings consuming the sides of buildings. There were beautiful, sun-laden squares with historical buildings and art masterpieces surrounding you.

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We loved our short time visit to Puerto Del Rosario, it actually felt a lot more Spanish than Corralejo, and if we ever went back, we would choose to visit Puerto Del Rosario for a lot longer. We highly suggest you visit Puerto Del Rosario.

visit Puerto Del Rosario
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visit Puerto Del Rosario
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