Review: Waikiki Corralejo

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Restaurant: Waikiki Corralejo

Date: Dec 2016


Walking down Corralejo strip one evening we were approached by a woman who showed us the menu to a restaurant. This was the Waikiki Corralejo. The menu looked great so we decided to have dinner here. We had heard of this place before due to people promoting it all day on the strip and from a Facebook page. So yeah why not. The view out onto the ocean was amazing and the decor of the restaurant was beautiful. However the food was not very good.

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The Waikiki restaurant was down a street of Corralejo strip, right beside the ocean.


Food we had ordered
 It was dinner time so we ordered proper meals. I ordered the Chicken Cesar Salad. Having had this meal loads of times previous to this occasion, however knowing each restaurant makes recipes different. This Cesar Salad was by far the worst I have ever had. They had barely any chicken in the bowl and a lot of green salad. They had even replaced the Cesar sauce dressing with ordinary mayonnaise. The spaghetti that Tasha had was extremely bland and was something you would find in a kids meal. This was also very disappointing.


This place saw a mix a different people coming in. Both tourists and locals. This was pleasant to see because I felt many places were either for tourists or for locals, not both.

Waikiki Corralejo
Travis drawing

My favourite part

The view of the ocean and harbor was definitely the best thing about being at this restaurant. The decor was also very nice.

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My least favourite part

The meal. The meal was so disappointing, especially when I was hungry and really looking forward to my favourite dish. It was more of a mayo salad, than a chicken ceasar salad.

You should probably avoid Waikiki Corralejo #travel #food
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Waikiki Corralejo is not the best choice for food in Corralejo #travel #corralejo
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  • Arggh, I hate it when the meal does not live up to the hype. Atmosphere is nice, and always glad to see a mix of locals and tourists, but the food has got to be the focus. I wonder if they have house specialties that are the real draw for repeat customers.

  • I can’t say I was surprised by the ending of this story. Restaurants that rely on touts to bring in business tend to be, well, not stellar, in my experience. The same goes for places with nice views: you’re paying for that, not the food. Sorry it turned out badly in this restaurant and thank you for warning your fellow travelers about it.

    • I never thought of it like that, I thought more cause the restaurant was out of the way a bit and not on the main strip, maybe that’s why they had a rep. Not a problem 🙂 thanks for commenting.

  • Oh what a shame for such a beautiful place with ocean and harbour views. That’s awful that the cesar salad tasted more like a mayo salad. I also prefer places which are open to all, both locals and tourists and there’s no discrimination.

  • That’s a shame about the Ceaser Salad, or Mayo Salad and also the Spaghetti kids meal. I wonder why locals were visiting the restaurant? Maybe there was something good on the menu, or maybe they just bought a beer or coffee to drink whilst enjoying the view.
    Only By Land recently posted…Maputo, MozambiqueMy Profile

  • Sounds like they’re just relying on the view to bring in customers and not bothering about the food! What a shame they are so lazy about the thing that really matters. But thanks for your review warning others about it.

    • It was pretty rubbish especially when your excited for one thing then get something completely different. Haha I was very hungry! Thanks for commenting!

  • That’s disappointing that you Caesar salad was made so poorly. It is the worst to spend money on food that is not worth the price of dining out. Glad you enjoyed the location.

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