Winter vacation: Why you should consider Walkerburn

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I quite often complain about Walkerburn. I guess most people moan about where they are from. I would highly recommend it for a winter vacation to anyone seeking peace, snow and relaxation.

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There isn’t much to do, its cold and wet (usually) and the town is so small that there is only one shop. I cannot complain about the views, as is it breathtaking here. There are hills surrounding the town like a warm hug, with beautiful greenery covering them like a thick beard. But small town life just isn’t my long term plan. Beautiful mountains thick with jungle and gorgeous sandy beaches are more my dream destination.

Enjoying the festivities

Winter brings a whole new lease of life the to town. There is so much more on offer. From pantomimes, to craft fairs and Christmas events and light festivals. It is really exciting to see such a small community come together to enjoy each others company and creativeness.

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Winter vacation scenery like no other

I wanted to share with you a small collection of pictures I have taken in and around Walkerburn during this short snowy period in January. Hopefully they will help you see that Walkerburn is the perfect winter vacation choice for fun, relaxation and snow.

winter vacation ideas
The view from my house

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winter vacation ideas
My Street

Around town

Here are some pictures taken around town and just outside of Walkerburn, look at the scenery!

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winter vacation ideas


winter vacation ideas
Coming in from Galashiels

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winter vacation ideas
Trees in the snow

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winter vacation ideas
The town from outside

Outside of town

winter vacation ideas
Road up from Gala

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winter vacation ideas
Sunset at Clovenfords

I can’t say I am a huge fan of the snow usually. Its slippy and causes a complete standstill at times in the UK as we are completely unprepared. However, snow days are so much fun and Travis loves it! We cannot deny how gorgeous it makes a place look too. The white snow and clear blue sky looks quite surreal and like something out of a movie or book.

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I am beginning to really appreciate the beauty of where I live.

winter vacation ideas
Blue skies and white hills

If you are looking for a winter vacation where you can enjoy a small, quiet village which offers festive shows and snowy hikes, look no further.

Where is your favourite place in the snow?

winter vacation ideas
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  • It I should beautiful but I hear ya on that! I live on an island close to some nice beaches and a short commute to NYC although I long for else where!!

  • I hadn’t heard of Walkerburn before stumbling upon this post! It looks like a beautiful winter wonderland. I’m not a big snow person, though… How is it in the summer? I’d be more likely to visit in the warmer months 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • “Peace, snow and relaxation” – sounds like heaven sitting here in a city at 35 degrees without any sea or lakes close by haha. I generally agree with not liking the snow, for when I’m working and depending on functioning infrastructure, but otherwise enjoying sauna and then jumping into a pile of snow… awesome haha 🙂

  • That’s a wonderful place i must say. I like snowy areas and peace as well. I usually like small towns on hills and this looks like a perfect place for me to relax. The pictures are really very nice. I can understand your feeling of staying at the same place all the times in the snow. Every place has its own aura. 🙂

  • I have heard Walkerburn first time. Snowy paths and snowy city looks like a fairy land. How much far it is from nearest International Airport?

  • I can relate, I always complain about living in Washington DC. But visiting other cities makes you appreciate home more. 🙂 Walkerburn seems like such a quaint town, the scenery is beautiful!

  • We are great fan of snow though it comes with so many constraints. We made a trip to the UK exploring all the four countries and we completely loved it. Walkerburn looks fab in winter would love to explore someday

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