Walking holidays – Festival of Winter Walks: Scotland 2016

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It is only today I am hearing about the Festival of Winter Walks! How can this be? This tradition has been running for 25 years now, that is only 1 year less than I have been alive. I am a big fan of walking holidays, though I must admit the cold tends to put me off a little. Having a baby and a buggy to cart around also limits my abilities.

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Festival of Winter Walks:2016

This year (2016) the Festival has been running from December 17th. Luckily I have the excuse that I was in Fuerteventura then, so missed a great opportunity to get out walking! Well in the cold anyway! There is still 10 days left to get out walking though, and I plan to take huge advantage of that!

walking holidays
One of our walks in Fuerteventura

Where I like to walk

The small town in which I live at the moment is very good for walking holidays… and in my opinion it is very safe and easy to do so, even with a small kid (and therefore a buggy.) The roads are well paved and don’t have too many pot holes, and the quiet nature around the town means it is safe enough to explore the back roads on foot. I often do this.

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walking holidays
Looking back to Walkerburn

Join me on a walk in Walkerburn

Walkerburn is very easy to navigate and I will be doing the same route for the next week. If you are nearby and want to join me on a walk, get in touch! I plan to head along the avenue, down by the park and over to the bridge. From here I will tackle the back road and make my way as far up the road into the forest as possible! This has been rather easy with the buggy in the past, so I am really looking forward to challenging us to see even more of the beautiful Scottish wilderness nearby!

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walking holidays
The sign out the back roads of Walkerburn

Walks can actually be more officially organised and people can register them on the Ramblers website. This means people can search their area and join in on any organised walks. How cool is that?

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