A walking tour of San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

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We spent a lot of our travels walking. Maybe that is because we have a toddler and in low-season Europe there isn’t much else to do… Or maybe its because our last trip was all-inclusive and we needed to burn off a lot of pan au chocolats. That was certainly the case when we decided to take a walking tour of San Antonio Bay in Ibiza.

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It is actually a mix of the above and really we just find it the best way to get to know an area. Typically hotels are located in tourist areas and you just don’t get a real feel for the place you are staying. Walking about and exploring helps us to understand a place better.

A walking tour of San Antonio Bay – walkways

The walkways in Spain are amazing. We found the same during our trip to Fuerteventura. The Spanish have nailed walkways. They include a bike road on the side of most paths so bikes can easily zoom around town, saving fuel consumption on cars. This makes it super easy to get around with a baby as all the popular routes are paved for bikes.

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The coast walkway

The walkway in San Antonio follows the coast from really close to the hotel we stayed in (Hotel San Remo.) This meant it was super easy for us to get on to the walkway and follow it for miles around the beautiful coast of Ibiza.

walking tour of San Antonio Bay
One of the viewpoints looking out to Bahia San Antonio

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This walkway took us past rockpools, hidden beaches, the Marina, popular cafes and hotels and even to some amazing viewpoints and kids parks to break up the journey for Travis.

walking tour of San Antonio bay
Travis and David using the walkway


The walkway actually highlights some of the gorgeous viewpoints and has places to stop and admire the view.

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Check out my favourite viewpoint below:

Because of the regular stop points the walk was super easy with a buggy and a child. We managed to find a place to stop and get Travis an ice-cream so he was happy and kept cool at the same time.

walking tour of San Antonio Bay
Travis at the viewpoint by the Marina

The Spanish part of the city

We continued our walking tour of San Antonio Bay by taking some turns into the lesser explored part of the city. This is where we found the most people and some cool art an interesting sculptures. We love seeing the real side of places and this was by par our favourite part of seeing San Antonio.

walking tour of San Antonio Bay
Cool street art in San Antonio
walking tour of San Antonio Bay
A rock climbing wall in the city

We even managed to find the football stadium (which David loved of course.) We snapped a cool pic of the art painted on to the back of the bleachers!

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walking tour of San Antonio Bay
The art on the football stadium

There was much more to see in San Antonio than we seen, or got snaps of. We met some lovely locals and talked a lot which is one of the benefits of deciding to go and get lost in a strange city. You have to start to trust each other and listen more.

Have you explored San Antonio?

A walking tour of San Antonio Bay Ibiza #familytravel
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