Review: Warwick Hotel Doha

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Hotel: Warwick Hotel, Qatar

Date: 24th – 25th September, 2017

Room: Suite ( Access to all facilities )


The Warwick Hotel in Qatar really is fit for a king. The place is absolutely breathtaking. Firstly they picked us up from the Hamad International Airport and brought us to the hotel. As you enter the hotel you will be greeted by a member of staff to take your bags of you and up to your room. The Hotel was also kind enough to let us check in at 2AM which understandably in a bit of an inconvenience however the receptionist greeted us with smiles and got us checked in pretty quickly. At the same time we were there the Croatian Football Team were there, so that just shows you how awesome this place is if an International Football team are staying here.


Within the city of Doha, Qatar lies the Warwick Hotel. It is about 30 minutes from Hamad International Airport and to make it even better and as previously stated, the hotel can arrange pick up from the airport for a small fee.


The room we were staying at was mind blowing. I simply have never stayed in anything like it before in my life. On arrival to the Warwick Hotel we were upgraded to a suite styled room. As you entered the room, you first came into a small hallway. In this hallway you had the first bathroom. The decor was beautiful and it also had a marble sink.

1st bathroom

The next room you came to was the living area. That’s right, a living area within a hotel room. Here we had a desk which we set up for doing blog related business. We had two beautiful couches facing each other with a coffee table in between them, and a huge television. One of the most important features were we had a fridge so we were able to keep our water cold to help keep our body temperature down.

living room

Separating the living room from the bedroom were two huge sliding doors. This was by far one of my favourite features of the room as it looked like something from a movie and I was living it. Through the doors leaded to our bedroom which had an enormous bed to the point where all three of us could be in the bed with plenty of room for a good nights sleep without being woke by one another. The bed was also one of the comfiest beds I have ever slept in and i’m very picky with beds due to having a bad back. We also had a huge television in the bedroom as well.

sliding doors from living room to the bedroom

The bedroom also lead into another smaller hallway which was the wardrobe area. Here we had dressing gowns, an iron board and a safe. A safe is always important when travelling to keep important documents safe if you don’t carry them on you all the time. By this I mean passport, visa or anything else like that.

wardrobe hallway

Lastly came the second bathroom which had a similar decor to the first with the marble sink but this bathroom had a shower. An enormous shower at that. Actually it was so big that you could hang you towel inside the shower but at the other end from the water and it wouldn’t get wet.

2nd bathroom with huge shower

All in all this room was fantastic and it was such an experience staying somewhere like this. I hope to get back to the Warwick Hotel again and experience more of the hotel.


Throughout our experience here we saw different types of people. We saw as previously stated the professional Croatian football team as well as some people enjoying a holiday and working remotely. However it was predominantly full of business men and women. The staff at the Warwick Hotel were of the highest calibre. They were very helpful and always smiling. Full marks for the staff.

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During our stay in the Warwick Hotel we were kindly invited to lunch with the Hotel Manager. This was such a pleasure to be part of. The food selection was fantastic. Everything from fruit to different salads as well as different meaty dishes. They are also famous for their red velvet cake, which Travis loved. A real top quality buffet. The staff were fantastic at lunch also, coming over and pouring us a drink as soon as we sat down, offering to carry my plate of food as I was carrying Travis. A really good friendly gesture and top marks from myself and Tasha.

red velvet cake


After lunch we were kindly taking on a tour of the Warwick Hotels facilities. These facilities included the gym, spa area and swimming pool. So firstly we were shown the gym. The gym is open 24/7 which is fantastic for people who like to squeeze a session in during a busy day. The gym was on the small side however it had equipment to work every area of your body so being on the small side didn’t matter all that much.

Moving on to the Spa Area. The changing rooms were really out of this world. Individual showers made of what looked like dark stone or marble but looked really amazing. There were a few treatment rooms where you would have your massage work done after a busy day of business.

spa treatment table

Lastly the swimming pool area. This was probably my favourite part of the whole stay. The swimming pool was situated on the 7th floor along with the gym and Spa. It is a rooftop pool over looking the city of Doha, Qatar. The view from the swimming pool area was a memory in itself, something I wont forget about anytime soon. The pool itself consisted of a large pool with two smaller Jacuzzi like pools attached on either side. The larger pool did have a shallow end which gradually sloped into the deeper end. The pool was also warm which is also nice as there is nothing worse than being at an awesome swimming pool area and then the water being freezing. At the swimming pool area there were also sun loungers all the way around the pool for people to catch the sun rays and top up on their tan, as well as a shaded couched area. This is where we relaxed when not in the pool and were also able to make a phone call home via the hotels WiFi to let them know we were all safe and the hotel was amazing.

Travis loving the pool


My least favourite part if I had to pick something was checking out. As we got down to the lobby to check out I could see some of the Croatian Football team’s management and I was itching to see some big stars. However that was not to be which was unfortunate. After a slight misunderstanding with the Warwick Hotel in regards to transport back to the Hamad International Airport they sorted us with a taxi and covered the costs which was massively appreciated.

The Warwick Hotel is an outstanding hotel and deserves everyone of the five stars it has. I highly recommend staying here if you are in Doha, Qatar. Looking for a five star airline to get to Qatar? Try Qatar Airways.


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* We were invited as guests of the Warwick Hotel, all opinions are our own.

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