6 ways to save money on hotels on Booking.com

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If you are reading this blog you most likely love to travel. Everyone I know wants to travel for as long as possible, meaning they want to be able to travel as cheap as possible. We are all looking for ways to save money on our travels so I have compiled a list of ways to save money on accommodation with Booking.com.

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Become a member

I recently got an email from Booking.com (because I am part of their newsletter since I signed up.) This is pretty simple, when you sign up to get emails from a company they send you special discounts to your inbox. This leads on to my next money saving tip… Secret deals

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Secret deals

The most recent money saver from Booking.com was cheap hotels at the last minute. Some of these had a whopping 67% off, though the most common reduction was about 50%. You can check out my post about Booking.coms secret hotel deals to find out how to access them.

ways to save money on hotels
What you can save

£20 off a £40 stay

I am not sure how long this link will stay active but I have a link here which takes you to the Booking.com site and after a few seconds a green bar pops up along the bottom to offer you £20 off a £40 stay.


Sign up now

This one is a two-for-one kinda tip. I can refer you, earning you £15 when you sign up. You can do that by clicking the image below or clicking here.

ways to save money on hotels
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Refer your friends

The cool part is you can then generate your own referral link, share it with your friends and family and when they sign up they get £15, and so do you. You can potentially earn enough to put yourself. The limit at this time is to earn £150, so ten referrals. Hopefully they make that unlimited in the future.

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Become a Genius member

Genius membership is free. You earn it by booking 5 different trips with Booking.com. You then earn money off selected stays, you can get early check in or late check out (sometimes.) This is fantastic because likely you can rack up those 5 bookings pretty quickly, I got all of mine within one trip to Thailand.

ways to save money on hotels
Genius member perks

Swap Lonely Plant for Booking.com guides

So this tip won’t offer you any ways to save money on accommodation but it will save you money on books, and maybe even heavy baggage fees!

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When you book to stay somewhere, lets use Bangkok as an example, Booking.com give you a free download guide about the area. By using these you can save money on much more expensive books like the Lonely Planet guides. Plus these handy PDFs take up no room at all compared to a big bulky book. All you need is a phone and the guide is at your fingertips. Plus every new booking offers a new guide, so changing plans doesn’t mean you are left in the dark about your next adventure.

Do you know any other ways to save money on Booking.com?

Use these interesting ways to save money on hotels for your next trip #travel
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There are plenty of ways to save money on hotels on Booking.com #travel
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ways to save money on hotels

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  • I am a regular booking.com user and love the site. In fact, there have been occasions that I have booked with them, and found a cheaper fare elsewhere… they have refunded the money! I am going to try to make 5 bookings and become a genius soon!

  • I use all the time Booking.com and they really help me in saving by giving the last minute hotel deals. But sometimes it is so irritating that when we come from vacation the deals are shown up again and again. Also when your hotel knows that you are a genius member of Booking.com they do not compromise on services because they know any bad service will bring down the rating on booking.com

  • Yesh the amazing thing about booking last minute is the deals! My fiends call it last minute booking roulette! haha. Referrals do help too! Great article for the newbies that boo on this platform! And no way about the guides! Didn’t know about it!

  • I have been hearing a lot of good things about Booking.com. They are beginning to make their presence felt in my country India. I would like to try it out after reading your blog. Their features seem quite useful for a frequent traveler like me.

  • I’ve seen a lot of people use booking.com on their websites and I can see how useful it is for travelers! You can get great discounts and offer your readers free guides (through the website) to the areas they’re traveling to. I heard their affiliate program is good too.

  • I used Booking.com many times, and become a Genius member helps me to find secret deal! It’s such a great way to find accommodation when traveling.

  • I just signed up with booking.com after reading your post. I am not familiar with their promotions and discounts. I hope that I will receive tips and good deals from them. I like that they provide a downloadable guide of the place where you’d be traveling. I am sure that they have a pretty good list of the best tourist attractions in every place in the world.

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