What do social media managers do?

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If you have stumbled across this post you are probably looking into ways you can work from home, or work from anywhere. Actually there are many reasons you may be asking what do social media managers do … You should first take a look at my post about what social media managers are and find out how I became one. It could shed some light.

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All of the answers you need to what do social media managers do are here.

Posting on social networks

The basis of a social media managers role is using social networks like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to represent, promote and market a brand. A social media manager may manage any number of social media platforms for a brand, earning more for the more accounts they run.

A lot of social media managers create content for a brand and then post it at the time the brand has asked for. Sometimes the brand creates the content for the social media manager and they just have to post it.

Creating social pages

Most companies have a Facebook already if not, social media managers can set them one up. This includes linking it with their website, filling it with some content to get it started, finding fans, creating pictures and marketing materials for the page and much more.

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Some companies will want to expand their social presence and will ask their social media manager to create accounts for them on other networks.


People like when they speak to a real person behind a brand. Companies are catching on to this now and are having their social media managers respond to messages, comments, and tweets on their behalf.

What is a social media manager
Engage with fans

Another part of this is moderation. Social media managers will have a playbook for each brand they represent which tells them what is okay, and what is not okay when it comes to posts from users. Some companies ban swearing, some hide negative comments. It is up to the social media manager to follow the brand guidelines and moderate their page for them.

Research, design and write

Social media managers are also at the time responsible for creating content, meaning they do internet research for the posts they schedule. They can be required to use design tools to create interesting and fun graphics and articles for their clients.

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There will also usually be an element of reporting back to the client. This can include engagement statistics, PR issues or general FYI information.

What do social media managers do cannot be answered simply – there is a lot of work which comes into being a social media manager. The fulfillment, work-life balance and location-free office make it all worthwhile though! You can find out how I became a social media manager here.

What do social media managers do #smm #socialmedia
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What do social media managers do #smm #freelancing
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  • That sounds like hell of a job. I am sure being a social manager means investing great deal of your time and energy into this. The online media has become so powerful over all these years that everyone can benefit from it in a million different ways. I believe this puts a lot of work pressure on the managers. Thanks for sharing this.

  • I’ve always loved the thought of this job role! Even though it requires a lot of work and commitment. Social media is now such an influencial component in everyday life it’s important to build a career in it.

  • ive always had an interest in social media and the management side of it. It’s become such an important part of everyday life and offers so many great opportunities! Love this post.

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