What is a family travel blog?

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We became family travel bloggers in 2016. We decided it was time to capture some of our most exciting and interesting moments in a form other than picture, and that is where the idea of the Meldrums On The Move blog came from.

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Originally we called our blog Travelling Travis, as that is our sons name. We wanted to focus on traveling with a little one and it seemed right to place his name in the blog title.

How things developed

A lot of the time people were coming to us asking about our previous trips, asking advice and so much more. We realized that people were not just interested in travel with a toddler, they wanted to know about us too. They wanted to remember and hear the stories of all of our travels with and without Travis.

That is where Meldrums On The Move came from.

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What is a family travel blog? What is Meldrums On The Move?

A blog is a collection of thoughts, stories, letters or whatever you want it to be. A family travel blog focuses on travel stories, travel tips and much more from different and interesting families who travel instead of staying in one place.

What is a family travel blog
We run our blog from wherever we are at the time

For us at Meldrums On The Move our family travel blog is about remembering our favourite places in details, sharing our tips and insights with others. Our aim is to make other families realize it is okay to travel. It is okay to live life the way you want to live. We aim to equip you with the right information and tools to be able to create your ideal travel life.

Family travel should be cheaper, easier and more enjoyable if you follow the Meldrums On The Move way.

Helping others

Our family travel blog is a resource of honest information, feedback and reviews about destinations, hotels, airlines and much more. We help other families make informed decisions about their travel and we have had great feedback about the information we provide.

What is a family travel blog
We help brands by talking about their products

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We also help brands with exposure. Hotels have offered free stays in the past to test their facilities and to then write about it on the blog to share with our readers. We are always completely honest and only ever share our own opinions on this blog. Sometimes hotels will leave us small gifts to make our stays more enjoyable too.

San Remo Hotel Ibiza
The free welcome gift from the hotel in Ibiza

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What is a family travel blog
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