What is a social media manager ?

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When I get into social media management I had many people look at me like I was mad. They simply could not believe that I ‘worked on Facebook.’ I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked ” What is a social media manager  ?” Too many.

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The internet is a big player in today’s digital world. It is about time people began to see social media managers as having ‘real’ jobs. A lot of people think what we do is easy because we can do it with our children running around, or from a gorgeous beach in the Gulf of Thailand. That is simply not the case. I am here to tell you the answer to What is a social media manager and why what we do is legitimate and hard work.


Social media managers are marketers. They use the power of social media to promote brands. Social media is quickly overtaking the traditional marketing methods such as television and radio. It is seen as way less intrusive and people feel more connected to a brand who update their pages regularly and show their human side.

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What is a social media manager

The first job of a social media manager is a marketer.


Many social media managers are responsible for creating the posts they publish. This takes a lot of creativity and determination. Social media managers often spend hours on design suites like Canva and Photoshop perfecting their work before it is published to the world.

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What is a social media manager
We are designers

Many are responsible for making videos, production and much more. They take on the role of proofreaders, editors and publishers.


A lot of the work of a social media manager is in moderation. Big companies recieve many comments on their posts, and do not have the time or staff to filter through them all. This is where social media managers come in.

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What is a social media manager
We moderate

We spend hours sifting through posts (if we work for big brands) and hiding anything inappropriate. We direct people to the right contacts and represent the brand in our voice.

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Social media managers find themselves in the middle of disputes. We negotiate with people who are at their wits end. We stop arguments between users and calm down tense situations.

Customer service

Being a moderator requires good customer service if you are tasked with engagement. You need to understand the brand, learn how they talk and portray that in every message you write. This means you could be representing many brands, using many voices within a short time.

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We can often go from being friendly and helpful to technical support. We often find ourselves in the shoes of an agony aunt, helping those who are desperate for someone to talk to and share their problem.

What is a social media manager 2
Customer service representatives

So you may ask what is a social media manager ? The answer isn’t so simple. We do a lot of jobs, usually all behind the scenes. One thing I can say is we are creatives, we share and learn together and we love freedom.

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What is a social media manager ? #smm
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What is a social media manager ? #smm
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