What is sponsored travel?

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If you are just breaking into travel writing you might have heard about sponsored travel. But what exactly is that?

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What is travel?

This part is pretty obvious. Travel is leaving the place you call home to visit somewhere else. Maybe that place is not far from you, maybe it is. Either way you traveled to get there.

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Who doesn’t love travel?

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What is sponsorship?

This is where people get thrown off sometimes. You sponsor friends to do hilarious stunts or long walks and they give all of that money to charity. so what on earth does this mean in a travel context?

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What is sponsored travel then?

Sponsored travel is where a brand (usually a hotel, tour company or even an airline) give you a free stay or trip in exchange for mentions on your blog or social media. Usually the stay is free but sometimes it is heavily discounted instead. The package you give them in exchange for a stay can vary a lot depending on where you are prominent on the internet. Some typical exchanges are:

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Social media mentions during the stay

Review on a blog

Mention in city guide on a blog

Feature in YouTube videos

Dedicated YouTube video

Help on growing social pages

You write a blog post for their website

Word of mouth

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There are a lot more services you can include in your sponsored travel package but these are the common ones. You can offer all of these, one of these, or none. It really comes down to what you do well and what the brand will consider valuable from you.

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How can I get sponsored to travel?

Well here is the great part. It is not hard to find travel sponsorship, but you do need to be willing to learn. You can see here a great email template and I have written a short course that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know to get started on finding sponsored travel. (Yipee)

sponsored travel
Where would you go if you could pick anywhere?

You can sign up to my sponsored travel course for only $25. Good luck!

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  • Excellent tips! I’m repining on pinterest! Bloggers will REALLY benefit from this information and your course!! How wonderful you put it together! As a travel blogger myself, I really value information like this from a successful blog. Learning from someone who is actually DOING sponsored travel, like you are, is the best way!
    natalietanner recently posted…Hostel Visits for Families with KIDSMy Profile

  • I’ve started gaining more sponsorships as my blog’s gotten bigger. I think it’s so easy to do, all you need is to start. I haven’t yet gotten round to doing YouTube videos, not sure it’s my forte!

  • I love the way you have broken down the meaning of travel sponsorship. I agree that it’s all about the willingness to learn. Let me forward the link to a couple of friends who might be interested. Cheers!!

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