Review: Whistlestop Cafe

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Restaurant: Whistlestop Cafe

Location: Innerleithen

Date: 2016


This small cafe is on the High Street in Innerleithen. It is one of a small number of places that actually offers outdoor seating which makes it quite popular in the area. There is also the option to sit inside which is usually best in the Scottish weather. The cafe is clean, well kept and nicely decorated with a lot of nice pictures hanging. The seats are all wooden and I think maybe there could be a table less to make the space less cramped, it is hard to navigate the cafe with a buggy.

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Whistlestop cafe review
Travis having a piece of toast


The Whitstlestop Cafe is on Innerleithen High Street. This is a small town in the Scottish Borders. It is on the corner as you turn up a small street off of the High Street. It is easy to find.


There are a few choices in the Whitstlestop Cafe but not as many as we would have liked. Maybe we are just greedy though. The food you get served is very delicious so I feel bad for saying I wish there were more choices. It is all hand prepared in the cafe and so it is fresh and full of flavour.

Whistlestop cafe review
The food at the Whistlestop cafe


All sorts of people visit this cafe. There are older people, younger, couples, friends, families. You name it. Innerleithen has a big mountain biking community so you will likely find a biker or two here on most occasions.

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Whistlestop cafe review
Travis and Tasha at the Whistlestop cafe

My favourite part

Brits, you are going to love the choice of tea here. They have a really nice selection which I was really impressed with. Strangely enough a lot of places do not serve Green Tea so I was very happy to enjoy a cup of Green Tea here. The staff are also super friendly and so helpful. I have always been impressed with the kindness of the staff in this cafe.

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My least favourite part

I’d have to say that the lack of space to move about with a buggy is one thing that bugged me. Its just a little cramped in here.

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