And so we leave tomorrow…

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Today is finally here! Tomorrow we board the plane to Doha, Qatar without looking back. I seriously felt like this day would never come. But yet here it is. I thought I would put up this post to explain to you why we, and you should be asking ourselves why do family travel ?

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The plan

As you are all well aware by now we are flying out to Asia to tour around for 9 months. Our plans are almost set now with some degree of flexibility about where we will go and for how long. A lot of our travel is on sponsorship when it comes to hotels so we do need to be in certain areas at certain times to fulfill those commitments.

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why do family travel
We enjoy traveling as a family

We fly back to the UK in time to go on a family holiday to Mallorca in June 2018. How lucky are we?

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How we are feeling?

We are a little nervous. We are taking a huge step, one we have been dreaming of for a very long time. Most people think we are mad but we are so into this that we would be denying ourselves a lot if we did not do it. We are so excited to show Travis the places we seen in Thailand and to catch up with our friends who are dotted across Asia.

We are mostly really, really excited. The prospect of seeing places we have only dreamed of until now… Hong Kong , Angkor Wat and everything in between.

why do family travel
We are so excited to see Angkor Wat

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So why do family travel?

We love travel. It is as simple as that in way. But in a more complex way we love being free. Being tied to one place kind of feels like a prison for us. We were just not cut out for working really hard to pay for an expensive home and bills and only seeing our four walls or small town for the rest of our lives. We prefer freedom to roam and see where we wish, when we wish.

We are happier when we travel. No one is there long enough to meddle in our lives, sorry Innerleithen and Walkerburn, you have too much drama sometimes.

why do family travel
Who doesn’t love the excuse to always eat ice cream?

We enjoy experiencing things together. Living this way means we have way more time together as a family. We have bonded more and learned to appreciate each other in new ways. Our son has seen and done things some people only dream of. And it doesn’t hurt that we get to eat ice cream for breakfast!

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So why do family travel? Do it for you, and do it for them. Do it if you want unlimited time together, do it if you want to learn and see new things every single day. Do if for the thrills.

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