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So many people use their phones abroad now. This helps them keep in touch with their family, plan their trip, keep up-to-date on social media, blog and so on. For me finding Wifi hotspots is essential as someone who works from the internet. This is why I have decided to explain how to find the best wifi hotspot near Khao San Road in Bangkok.

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Wifi hotspot bangkok khao san road
The famous Khaosan Road

I recently traveled to Thailand on a non-working trip and thought I’d share what I learnt about where to find a wifi connection.


Most airports now offer free wifi hotspots, usually its really easy to connect to, you just have to offer up an email address. This was true for every airport I was in this year, except in Fuerteventura where I could not connect… so had to use roaming to get my boarding passes! Eek.

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I managed to connect really quickly at Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok and had posted my first status update before getting in the taxi to Khao San road.

*I’d like to mention that I flew Qatar Airways and got 15 minutes of free wifi on board each flight, and found connection easily in Hamad International Airport on the stopover.


Most hotels on Khao San Road offer free wifi hotspots to guests. Some offer a day pass, so you need to reconnect each day you are there. Some constantly disconnect you and you have to reconnect every time you want to use your device. It can be annoying but if you really want to get online, the wifi is there. It can be painfully slow so don’t get your hopes up about what you can use it for. I am sure the more pricey hotels have a far better connection. I stayed at the Rikka Inn and Khao San Palace and that was what I found to be the case there.

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On my first night on Khaosan I didn’t connect to the wifi hotspot at all. I knew my parents would be suffering with worry. I did feel bad but I just couldn’t see restaurants offering out their wifi connection details like they do back home. Quite a lot of places in the UK put it on a noticeboard so its easy to get people connected. This wasn’t really the case there but we later learnt all you had to do was ask for it!

Wifi hotspot khao san
One of the places with free wifi if you ask – ‘The Hub’

This was the case for most of the restaurants there. If you happen to know someone who works there, ask them. I say know but what I mean is if you befriend someone. We made a friend in The Hub and he helped us with the password and even helped us asking in other places. Our friend even left us use the Wifi hotspot through his mobile when the connection failed for me. Even if you do not know them, just ask. It is likely they will give you it anyway.

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Wifi hotspot bangkok
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