Work from home ? Here is how to stay motivated

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You have probably come across this post because you work from home or want a work from home job. More specifically you likely work for yourself running your own online business. It can be very easy to lose motivation when you cannot see the bigger picture. I’m going to give you my most useful tips that have helped me at those low points when working from home.

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Facebook follow

So many of you probably work for a direct selling agency rather than have a home based job. This means there will be many successful people in your company who are not necessarily in your upline. Do some digging, research who is doing really well with your company and find their Facebook page. Facebook has an awesome feature now which allows you to follow a persons posts without needing to send a friend request.

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work from home follow successful people
The follow option

You likely have never met these people so it would be a bit strange to request their friendship anyway. This was you are anonymous but still reaping the benefit of their motivational and lifestyle posts. Just remember not to comment on their posts if you don’t want them to know you are secretly stalking them!

Facebook pages

If you are working for yourself and want to see daily motivation posts you need to start looking for some great pages to like. There are some kick-ass entrepreneurs out there who have built themselves from nothing to everything. You need to follow these people. Once you start liking a few of these people more and more will show up in your suggestions. The great thing is they often offer completely free tools to help you grow, develop and expand as a person. Check out the likes of Regan Hillyer, Eric Worre and Brendan Burchard.

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The Law of Attraction

If you have not seen this movie, YouTube it now! You need to understand this concept and practice it in your everyday. The basic concept is that if you believe you are entitled to it and that it is coming to you, you will attract it to you.

work from home law of attraction
Attract the life you want

Read, read, read

So working for yourself is about self-development. If you are in direct selling this is a must. Most people spend years learning, growing debt before they can work. This industry is earn while you learn. And as they saying goes…the more you learn the more you earn. It is totally true!

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Read as often as possible

The better you become at your profession the more successful you also become. There are a number of books you can find on Amazon that are written specifically to help you develop your skills as a network marketer. Never stop reading these and growing your collection if you want to grow.

Attend your companies events

Most of the network marketing companies out there run regular events for training and recognition. These events are essential if you want to succeed. One day at an event can take you from feeling lost to completely understanding your purpose and knowing your organisation inside and out.

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work from home tips attend events
Our company event in December 2016


This might seem obvious but I do not mean with potential customers and recruits. I have networked with other business owners. These people are from other companies yet they are more inspiring than some of the people in my own! Give people a chance, it is not about who joins you, it is about who lifts you up and helps you be the best you you can be.

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Do you have more tips for keeping motivated while working from home? I’d love to hear them!

Motivation tips for those who work from home
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work from home is difficult! Here are some great tips to help!
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