Working remotely as a chat host

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So you are considering a career that doesn’t have you tied to an office? You want to cut out that commute. Working remotely as a chat host is a really good place to get the experience and learn what it takes to work from home, or work remotely from anywhere in the world.

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So what is a chat host?

A chat host, or chat moderator is someone who is there every second of their shift to moderate anyone who is in the chat room. They are there to make sure no on swears, promotes another company or breaks the rules. The moderator will have certain skills and abilities to be able to ban or hide people from a chat room.

Working remotely as a chat host

You are basically in charge of a room of strangers and the one to try and keep them under control. Now believe me when I say bingo-players can get pretty rowdy, naughty and angry. They like to get free money from the moderators who can play chat games with them… and when they don’t… well it isn’t nice.

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Is it hard?

There is a lot to learn to be a chat host. There are a lot of back-systems where you log in to find out promotions, deals, and where you can log in to credit players who have won chat games with you. There is usually also a shift report, and a forum or email system where you share this report. Usually you will be required to be available on messenger throughout your shift incase anything happens or anything changes too.

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You basically need to be available all of the time and breaks can be few and far between. The company I worked with never organised you breaks unless you asked EVERY SINGLE TIME. I never used to ask so there was days I’d work 12 hours and be expected to be at the screen the whole time.

Does it pay well?

Typically the answer is no. A lot of these companies believe they are doing YOU a favour by letting you work from home. This isn’t true. If you take a look into other mundane jobs that require a lot of concentration they are usually paid more than minimum wage.

Working remotely as a chat host
The pay isn’t great

Is it worth it?

Absolutely. I gained invaluable experience that helped me move into social media moderation and more. I worked all throughout University and pregnancy, which were both at the same time. I managed to get so much overtime that we put down a deposit on our first house.

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The flexibility to be at home is ideal and usually these companies are so big that there is a tonne of overtime every month, or at least that was the case at my company.

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Have you any other questions about working remotely as a chat host? Ask me below.

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