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Hi, we’re the Meldrums, a travelling family of four. We began travelling in 2016 and traveled full time until the pandemic hit.

We were what’s called a nomadic or digital nomad family. These days we’ve planted some roots at our home base and continue to take trips that last a month or two, and shorter family vacations.

If you have any questions about travelling full time or taking your kids on vacation you’ve come to the right people.

Here we share our personal travel stories and tips on travelling with kids for global travel adventurers like yourself.

Travelling with Kids

We are huge advocates for travelling with kids. Our belief is that travel should not wait until the kids are the perfect age.

There is no such thing as the perfect age and before you know it, they’re all grown up.

Allowing your kids to experience the world and the people in it, is a beautiful way to raise compassionate understanding individuals who embrace differences instead of attacking them.

When we travel with our children, we bring the world closer together.

We believe that having kids is a reason to travel, not a reason to stop.

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The Meldrums

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