Angel Numbers Guide: Meanings and Complete List of Numbers

What are Angel Numbers?

Angel numbers are numbers or sequences of numbers that are said to be a sign from your angels. Call them loved ones that have passed or the universe’s energy. So, if you’re noticing that you keep seeing iterations of 1212 or 444, whether you’re looking at the time or date, license plate numbers, or the total of your bill, your angels might be trying to communicate with you.

While angel numbers are typically thought to be triple- or quadruple-digit numbers, like 777 or 1717, the individual numbers within them also come with their own meanings, which are then amplified by repetition or sequence. 

Angel numbers should not be confused with life path numbers and numerology that are linked to your birth information. Unlike zodiac signs and your life path number in numerology, angel numbers aren’t determined by your date, time, or location of birth.

They are simply angels watching over you and guiding your path. 

Why is a mom travel blogger writing about angel numbers?

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What is my Angel Number?

Angel numbers, unlike life path numbers and zodic meanings, cannot be calculated and are not bound to your time, date and place of birth.  

Angel numbers begin to appear when angels are communicating with you.

These numbers, or messages more like it, will only appear when you need them. 

It’s not up to you to find your angel number. Your angels will know when you’re ready for your message.

If you are repeatedly seeing the same number over and over again you angels might be trying to communicate a message to you. Find your number on the list and discover its meaning.

Angel Number Meaning Chart & Cheat Sheet

Sometimes angel number and their meanings can feel a bit overwhelming. That’s why I created this Angel Number Meaning Chart & Cheat Sheet for you.

Have a look and keep it close for when you need a reminder.

Angel number meaning chart and cheat sheet.

What to do when you see your Angel Number?

When you’ve discovered your angel number as it keeps appearing to you repeatedly you’ll want to take a minute and ask yourself; what are my angels trying to tell me? 

I created a 7 Step List for you to follow if you are unsure as to what to do. 

  1. Write down your number
  2. Identify the single digit numbers. For example if your number is 888 the basic angel number is 8 and if your number is 1818 your basic numbers are 1 and 8
  3. List the things you are going through or experiencing in your life at this time. Examples:
    • You may be experiencing doubts about your partner, in life or in business
    • You might be feeling lost or overwhelmed by options
    • You may have a gut feeling that doesn’t match you logical way of thinking 
    • You might be feeling stuck in a current situation
  4. Find the meaning of your basic angel number/s. You can use my list of angel numbers below.
  5. Find the meaning of your complete angel number. I have an extensive list of angel numbers below.
  6. Write down the meanings of your angel number. I like to jot down bullet points for myself. 
  7. Connect what’s happening in your life to the meaning of your angel number.

Angel Number List & Meanings 

Angel numbers are an angel’s method to convey a message to whoever sees the number repeatedly. I’ve compiled a list of the most common angel numbers, starting with single digit numbers that are the foundation of angel numbers and their meanings. Once presented repeating or as a combination of numbers their meaning is amplified. 

That’s why I am starting with the basics and the meaning of the single digit angel numbers. 

The Meaning of Single Angel Numbers

According to numerologists numbers carry meaning beyond their sums. Angel numbers provide individuals with a meaningful message for a given period in their life. The numbers 0-9 are the foundation of all angel numbers.

Let’s begin with the foundation and the meaning of angel numbers 0-9.

1 Angel Number – Intuition

2 Angel Number – Unity & Coexistence

3 Angel Number – Self Confidence

4 Angel Number – Greatness

5 Angel Number – Change

6 Angel Number – Spirituality & Compassion

7 Angel Number – Luck

8 Angel Number – Abundance

9 Angel Number – Release 

0 Angel Number – Upcoming Shifts

List of Repeating Triple Digit Angel Numbers

When angel numbers are seen in series their meaning is amplified. 

Here’s a list of the most commonly seen angel numbers. These numbers come in groups of three. Three is a divine spiritual number and is often associated with time –  past, present, future; birth, life, death; beginning, middle, end. Therefore the number three is considered the number of harmony, wisdom and understanding. All elements that are highly connected with the spirituality of angel numbers. 

111 Angel Number 

222 Angel Number

333 Angel Number

444 Angel Number

555 Angel Number

666 Angel Number

777 Angel Number

888 Angel Number

999 Angel Number

000 Angel Number 

List of Repeating Quadruple Digit Angel Numbers

When angel numbers are seen in series their meaning is amplified

1111 Angel Number 

2222 Angel Number

3333 Angel Number

4444 Angel Number

5555 Angel Number

6666 Angel Number

7777 Angel Number

8888 Angel Number

9999 Angel Number 

0000 Angel Number

List of Quadruple Digit Angel Number Combination

When different angel numbers stand together their meaning is drawn from the individual numbers in the sequence.

Here’s a list of some common four digit angel number combinations.

1212 Angel Number

1144 Angel Number

1001 Angel Number

1011 Angel Number

1033 Angel Number

1044 Angel Number

1101 Angel Number

1110 Angel Number

1122 Angel Number

1133 Angel Number

1155 Angel Number

1211 Angel Number

1221 Angel Number

1233 Angel Number

1234 Angel Number

1244 Angel Number

1313 Angel Number

1414 Angel Number

1515 Angel Number

1616 Angel Number

1717 Angel Number

1818 Angel Number

1919 Angel Number

2121 Angel Number

2323 Angel Number

2424 Angel Number

2525 Angel Number

2727 Angel Number

4141 Angel Number

List of Triple Digit Angel Number Combinations

When different angel numbers stand together their meaning is drawn from the individual numbers in the sequence.

Here’s a list of some common triple digit angel number combinations.

123 Angel Number

818 Angel Number

808 Angel Number

717 Angel Number

911 Angel Number

101 Angel Number

117 Angel Number

121 Angel Number

122 Angel Number

133 Angel Number

144 Angel Number

155 Angel Number

202 Angel Number

211 Angel Number

212 Angel Number

232 Angel Number

233 Angel Number

234 Angel Number

242 Angel Number

244 Angel Number

303 Angel Number

311 Angel Number

313 Angel Number

321 Angel Number

322 Angel Number

323 Angel Number

343 Angel Number

344 Angel Number

345 Angel Number

404 Angel Number

411 Angel Number

414 Angel Number

420 Angel Number

422 Angel Number

424 Angel Number

434 Angel Number

454 Angel Number

505 Angel Number

511 Angel Number

515 Angel Number

606 Angel Number

611 Angel Number

616 Angel Number

626 Angel Number

636 Angel Number

644 Angel Number

646 Angel Number

656 Angel Number

707 Angel Number

711 Angel Number

717 Angel Number

722 Angel Number

727 Angel Number

733 Angel Number

737 Angel Number

744 Angel Number

747 Angel Number

757 Angel Number

811 Angel Number

828 Angel Number

833 Angel Number

838 Angel Number

844 Angel Number

848 Angel Number

858 Angel Number

909 Angel Number

919 Angel Number

922 Angel Number

929 Angel Number

933 Angel Number

939 Angel Number

944 Angel Number

949 Angel Number

My Angel Number Fascination

I’m the Meldrums Mama Bear and angel number aficionado.

My fascination with angel numbers began years ago when I was feeling stuck in my life and my habits and behaviour had become dull and unproductive. You can call it a rut. 

I started seeing my angel number that still follows me until this day. It’s a number based on the angel number 1, 111 to be exact. 

It was about a year before my husband and I packed up our life and headed out on an adventure that I began seeing the number. I’d always wanted to travel the world and had this feeling in my gut that I just had to do it. I had to follow my intuition and make it happen. 

Seeing the number 111 and understanding its meaning was such a huge comfort. For some unexplained reason it made me believe that my intuition was right and I was meant for more than a stale life and mortgage payments. My lost loved ones were guiding me on my way towards a new path. So, we made it happen and hit the road.

Whenever I see my number today it puts a smile on my face and fills me with calm. 

I like to believe that it’s a reminder to follow my gut.

Interpreting Angel Numbers

Like with anything spiritual, whether it’s the meaning of dreams or numerology there is no one perfect recipe. The same goes for angel numbers. 

The meaning of numbers are interpretations made and shared by spiritual people from different cultures and corners of the world throughout the ages.

Since seeing my very first angel number my interest in the subject has peaked. I’ve studied angel numbers and numerology from different authors and cultures. I currently have more books on the subject than I care to admit, five of which I’ve come to rely on as foundation due to similarities in their in-depth interpretations. 

Instead of relying solely on my experience and intuition, or copying what’s already been said on the internet I use these resources to find commonalities in the meaning of angel numbers. Throughout my research I’ve found similarities on the meaning of angel numbers from different authors and resources that I use in my interpretations on the matter.

I truly hope that me sharing my story and writing helps you on your journey to discovering your message from your angels.

I hope you find your message and let it guide you just as I did. 

C. Meldrum