crayon in your wallet when traveling

Why put a Crayon in your Wallet when Traveling?

This is by far one of the most bizarre travel tips I’ve ever gotten. 

“Put a crayon in your wallet when traveling.

Yeah, a crayon!

But why would you put a crayon in your wallet when traveling? Let’s break it down.

At first, it sounds like a peculiar suggestion, but beneath its waxen exterior lies a hidden power ready to enhance your travels in surprising ways.

Let’s uncover the benefits behind this seemingly unassuming travel companion and discover why a crayon in your wallet when traveling has magic and is a smart choice for any traveler.

Head’s up! 

I am about to dive into the creativity and special connection between an unassuming crayon and its usefulness, especially in life-and-death situations.

Why put a crayon in your wallet when traveling?

traveling with crayons in wallet

If you love travel hacks, you’ll enjoy discovering why you need to put a crayon in your wallet when traveling. Whether you need it to write notes, scribble signs, or signal distress, you’ll be surprised by its practicality. 

On a trip with kids? There are plenty of good reasons why you should put a crayon on your wallet when traveling- to keep them entertained and stimulate their creativity at the same time while on the road. 

These are just some reasons why a crayon in your wallet might be wise. Let’s delve deeper into more. 

Crayons are Durable

Crayons are generally considered durable compared to other writing implements for several reasons. They are typically made of a combination of wax, pigments, and other additives. The wax base gives crayons a solid and robust structure, making them less prone to breakage than fragile pencil leads or thin ink tips.

They can be used on various surfaces, including paper, cardboard, fabric, and walls. They are designed to withstand moderate pressure without snapping or crumbling, making them suitable for light shading and more intense coloring.

Unlike markers or pens, crayons do not dry out quickly. Their wax composition helps maintain their consistency and prevents them from becoming unusable due to prolonged exposure to air.

Crayons also do not have external components that can be easily damaged, such as ink cartridges or mechanical pencil mechanisms. This lack of additional parts reduces the likelihood of malfunction or breakage.

They are often designed with young children in mind. They are larger and easier to grip than thin pens or pencils, reducing the risk of accidental breakage when used by little hands.

It’s important to note that crayons are generally durable but not indestructible. Excessive pressure, extreme temperatures, or misuse can still cause them to break. However, under normal use conditions, crayons offer a reliable and long-lasting writing and coloring experience. 

Besides, they still color even when broken! Just another good reason to put a crayon in your wallet when traveling. 

Crayons for Kids when Traveling

Crayons can be a fantastic entertainment tool for kids while traveling. They allow children to unleash their creativity by drawing and coloring. Encourage your child to bring coloring books, sketch pads, or blank sheets of paper to create their own artwork. Kids can draw scenes from their favorite books or make up their own narratives. This activity stimulates their imagination and storytelling abilities.

You can also provide a small notebook or journal where children can document their travel experiences using crayons. They can draw pictures of landmarks, write about their adventures, or create visual diaries of the places they visit.

Crayons can be used to draw game boards for classic games like tic-tac-toe, hangman, or dots and boxes. These games are simple and can keep children entertained for a while. You can also encourage siblings to take turns adding to a drawing. Each person can contribute something new to create an evolving artwork. This collaborative activity promotes cooperation and creativity.

Bringing along coloring activity books that include puzzles, mazes, or dot-to-dot activities is also a wise idea to complement crayons. These provide a combination of coloring and problem-solving, keeping kids occupied and mentally engaged.

Leave Clues in Case of an Emergency

A crayon in your wallet while traveling might not be a typical emergency preparedness item, but it can still serve some valuable purposes in certain situations.

You can use it to mark trails, leave messages, or create visible signals. In outdoor emergencies, such as getting lost in the wilderness, you can mark trees or rocks with bright crayon colors to help rescuers locate you or to find your way back.

Crayons can also be used to write on various surfaces if you need to leave a note or write down important information.

In some emergencies, you might need to repair items or materials temporarily. Crayons can act as makeshift adhesives or fillers for small cracks or holes in certain materials, like plastic or wax-based objects.

And since they are made from wax, they can be flammable. You might encounter situations where you must start a fire for warmth, signaling, or cooking. A crayon can also serve as a makeshift firestarter.

A simple creative outlet can help alleviate anxiety and provide a distraction during stressful or overwhelming situations, especially for children. Crayons can be used for drawing or coloring, providing a calming activity for both kids and adults.

Help Others in Need

There are stories out there of people sneaking a crayon and paper to children they believe are in need of help. Kids can easily use them to make any sign on any surface without catching the attention of the suspected perpetrator. You’ll never know. It might just be the help they need to be saved from their captors. 

Another example of how a crayon in your wallet can help save someone in distress is the story of Tylee Ryan. A concerned person who attended the same concert she did, named Sarah Elrod-Ausbrook, secretly snuck a crayon into her coat’s pocket and whispered she could use it to make a note if she needed help. It was the night before her and her brother’s bodies were found in their backyard. 

Tylee looked uncomfortable and agitated Elrod-Ausbrook decided to try the technique she learned from a seminar about safety. If Tylee was able to scribble some clues or anything that related to the danger she was in, it could’ve been the saving moment for her and her little brother. 

Now, we’re not suggesting that you need a crayon in replacement of police help. But police are not always nearby and might startle the perpetrator, escalating the situation. But overall, subtle signs from crayons are enough to tip people around, who can then inform the authorities, who can plan out effective approaches to the scenario and help. 

Fill your Wallet

The main reason for keeping a crayon in your wallet while traveling is to keep cards and bills from falling out of your wallet. A crayon works like a filler for a thin wallet. 

Select a crayon that fits comfortably within your wallet without causing bulges or discomfort. Place the crayon horizontally along the length of your wallet, preferably in the center or where the bills are typically stored. Make sure the crayon is aligned parallel to the wallet’s open edge. When placing bills inside the wallet, position them against the crayon. 

The crayon acts as a physical barrier that can help hold the bills in place and ensure that the crayon does not obstruct the wallet’s closing mechanism or interfere with other essential items you carry in your wallet.

Avoid Bending Your Cards

Crayon creates a small bump or obstacle within the wallet, helping distribute the pressure and preventing excessive card flexing. When you put a crayon in your wallet when traveling, you effectively increase its thickness. The extra thickness the crayon provides when the wallet is closed creates a barrier that helps protect the cards from the excessive pressure that may cause them to bend or warp.

The crayon also acts as reinforcement within the wallet. As cards are typically stored in a card slot or compartment, the crayon’s presence helps reinforce the area surrounding the cards. It adds structural support to the wallet. 

As wallets are often made from flexible materials such as leather or fabric, they may lack rigidity. Placing a crayon inside the wallet adds a solid object, helping maintain the wallet’s shape and minimizing the chances of the cards bending.

How to Store a Crayon in Your Wallet?

crayons in wallet

Crayons require little to no maintenance. They do not need sharpening like pencils or refilling like pens. Simply peeling back the paper wrapping reveals a fresh surface for coloring, ensuring their longevity and ease of use.

Look for a  compact and slim crayon. To prevent it from making a mess inside your wallet,  use a protective covering such as a small Ziplock or a thin plastic pouch to encase it. Put the crayon inside the protective case, and ensure it’s clean and free from any loose residue that could cause stains in your wallet or other belongings. 

Finally, find a suitable pocket or compartment in it to store the crayon. Since crayons are usually wax-based,  they can melt or become soft in warmer temperatures. Periodically check it to ensure it hasn’t melted or deformed, which can create a mess in your wallet.

Types of Crayons

What is the best crayon brand?

crayola best crayon brand for keeping in your wallet when traveling

Here are some of the brands we trust:

  • Crayola: Crayola is one of the most famous brands of crayons. They offer diverse crayon sets, including their classic Crayola Crayons, which come in various pack sizes. They also produce signature crayon sets such as metallic, glitter, and washable crayons. Crayola has proven its integrity throughout the decades, delivering high-quality coloring options at reasonable prices.
  • Faber-Castell: Faber-Castell is another well-established brand offering a range of crayon sets, such as their Jumbo Beeswax Crayons and Gelatos. They are versatile and can turn into watercolors by simply adding water. However, they tend to be more expensive than other alternatives since the company uses the best of the best materials during production.
  • Sargent Art: A competitive brand since its start in 1936, they produce a variety of art supplies, including standard crayons and specialty crayons like fluorescent crayons and metallic crayons.
  • RoseArt: RoseArt pioneered talc-free crayons after it opened in 1923. They offer affordable crayons in various pack sizes. They have standard crayons and signature ones like scented and twistable crayons.
  • Prang: Prang crayons are famous for being intense since they are made using a combination of soybean oil. Since they started in 1882, their colors have a smoother surface than other brands.
  • Cray-pas: Cray-pas specializes in oil pastels but also offers oil-based crayons. They have a different texture and color intensity compared to traditional wax-based crayons. If you love playing with effects and shadings, this one’s for you.
  • Staedtler: Staedtler offer crayons in different forms, such as their ergosoft jumbo crayons, designed for young children, and their watercolor crayons, suitable for a painting effect. Their crayons are more vivid since they are more pigmented than others.
  • Pentel: Pentel is primarily famous for its pens, but its oil pastel crayons are also must-tries—fade-resistant, blendable, and pigmentation-free.

These are just a few examples of the different types and brands of crayons available. Each brand may have unique features like different textures, color ranges, or specialty options. Choose one that best suits your needs and preferences.

Although it sounds like a whole-lot-of weird if it’s the first time you’ve heard of it, a crayon in your wallet when traveling might just be the simple hack you need for multi-purpose scenarios.

It’s a surprisingly useful and versatile addition that you’ll be glad you tried.

Give it a try and see the magic for yourself!

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Why put a crayon in your wallet when traveling?

Although it might seem odd at first, there are plenty of good reasons why you should put a crayon in your wallet when traveling. Here are some points you might find interesting:

– Crayons are Durable
– Crayons for Kids when Traveling
– Fill your Wallet
– Avoid Bending Your Cards

You can also learn more about Why putting a Crayon in your Wallet when traveling is a practical hack.

What’s a crayon in your wallet good for?

Here are some invaluable benefits of putting a crayon in your wallet when traveling:

– Leave Clues in Case of an Emergency
– Help Others in Need

You can also learn more about Why putting a Crayon in your Wallet when traveling is a practical hack.