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Khaosan Palace Hotel 4

Khaosan Palace Hotel

Hotel: Khaosan Palace Hotel Date: 17th – 19th May, 2016 Room: Standard Double Room Overview Staying in the Khaosan Palace meant it was nearly home time. Additionally it was nearly the end of an epic adventure. Khaosan...

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Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC 6

Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC

Hotel: Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC Date: 3rd Dec, 2016 Room: Double Room Overview Driving through the front gate of the Crowne Plaza Birmingham NEC, you could tell it was very classy. The room we were in...

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Freedom Junkies Social Media Management

Course: Freedom Junkies Social Media Management Date enrolled: December 2016 Overview The Freedom Junkies social media management course is written and directed by Nicole and her husband Michael. They have been high earning social media managers...

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Cannock Holiday Inn 7

Cannock Holiday Inn

Hotel: Cannock Holiday Inn Date: Dec 2nd, 2016 Room: Standard Double Room Overview We arrived at the Cannock Holiday Inn later on in the evening on the Friday. It was already dark outside. It was really hard to find...

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