15 Things to Do in Taylors Falls with Kids

If you’re searching for things to do in Taylors Falls with kids, you landed at the right place. Nestled along the winding St. Croix River with picturesque bluffs and verdant forests, Taylors Falls is a must for families seeking new experiences. Our kids love this place and it’s so easy to keep them occupied with abundant outdoor activities, charming shops and eateries, and natural gems. This quaint town is the perfect destination for families. 

Whether you’re seeking a thrilling outdoor excursion, a peaceful vacation, or a bit of both, Taylors Falls offers something for every member of the fam. 

So pack your bags, and let us guide you and your little ones to discover the beauty of Taylors Falls. 

Where is Taylors Falls?

Sitting in Chisago County in Minnesota’s east-central region, Taylors Falls has a population of around a thousand people and covers an area of about 4.2 square miles. But don’t let its small populations and area coverage fool you. It’s a treasure trove for experiences you and your family will cherish forever. 

What is Taylors Falls known for?

  • Taylors Falls Kayaking
  • Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours
  • Taylors Falls Interstate State Park
  • Taylors Falls Camping
  • Taylors Falls Hiking
  • Wild Mountain Taylors Falls
  • Taylors Falls Waterfall
  • Fawn-Doe-Rosa Wildlife Educational Park
  • Franconia Sculpture Park
  • Music on the Overlook
  • Snowshoeing
  • Skiing and Snowboarding
  • Taylors Falls Lighting Festival
  • Christmas in July at Big Rock Creek
  • Wannigan Days

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Taylors Falls Kayaking

St. Croix River Taylor Falls Minnesota

Kayaking at Taylors Falls is an experience you and your family will surely enjoy. The anticipation of hopping aboard and paddling is enough to put a smile on your kid’s face. The waters at St. Croix River are relatively calm, so there is no need to worry about safety. Plus, the rental companies already include life jackets for your trip. 

The 7-mile trip winds down to Osceola and might need around three to four hours to complete. You can take your time at different stops if you want to dip in the waters or stay on a bank for some snacks while taking in the views of cliffs and forests. It’s definitely one of the most exciting things to do in Taylors Falls for kids. Once you reach Osceola Landing, you can opt to hop on the shuttle that will take you back or extend your tour to William O’Brien State Park for more. Canoes are also available for rental if you prefer it. 

Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours

If you’re not fond of paddling through St. Croix, hopping about the Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours is for you. Still operating since it started back in 1906, this trip will last up to eighty minutes and will wave through the river while a guide gives you essential information about specific spots like rock formations and logging’s significant influence in the town’s past. You can join the Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tour between May and October, so time your visit. Make it more scenic and opt for a sunset Taylors Falls riverboat cruise! 

Taylors Falls Interstate State Park

The Interstate Park offers a plethora of fun things to do in Taylors Falls. With five miles of trails, you and your family can explore the picturesque views from various points of view. Both sides of the park, Taylors Falls and Wisconsin, have almost identical features. There’s no missing the glacial potholes just near the park’s entrance or simply the beauty of the volcanic rocks along the way. Rock climbers often visit the area to conquer these cliffs. 

Walk through the thick forest, and remember to head to Lake O’ the Dallas on the Wisconsin side so the little ones can plunge and freshen up in the waters. 

Taylors Falls Camping

Camping in Taylors Falls will let you experience the town’s nature which most tourists won’t. The Interstate Park welcomes campers with their 37 sites and 22 RV grounds, equipped with electricity, showers, and dump stations. 

The Lower St. Croix River is also open for camping, but you must get your permit from the visitor center beforehand. Or, head down to Wildwood RV Park and Campground. They have mini golf and a swimming pool (for an additional small fee), which will save you some cash instead of going to a nearby water park. 

Other alternatives include the massive estate of Big Rock Creek and Stone Creek Farm. You might not even need a tent here—just your sleeping bag since there are yurts and domes if you want. 

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Taylors Falls Hiking

There are various hiking trails in Taylors Falls for all skill levels. And if you’re with kids, no worries. Here are some of the best family hikes you can try in town. 

  • Saint Croix River Lookout: Just roughly half a mile and only needs under 20 minutes to finish, taking the Saint Croix River Lookout is one of the easiest and most rewarding things to do in Taylors Falls if you’re traveling with kids. There are few potholes on the trail, and the lookout offers a view of the river and nearby cliffs. Be here as early as possible since foot traffic gets heavy as the day passes. 
  • Walter F. Mondale River Trail: A 1.3-mile Interstate Park (IP) trail that will take roughly an hour to complete. Remember, this is not a loop trail, so you must return the way you came. Along the way, you’ll see overlooks, potholes, and wildlife. There’s also a bit of noise from the nearby highway. 
  • Sandstones Bluffs Trail: Looping for a mile, the Sandstone Bluffs Trail features numerous stairs. If you have older kids, tweens, and teens, this is the challenge made for them. Surrounded by dense trees, the vista at the overlook might be less rewarding once you reach the top, although you will still see a small portion of the valley below. 
  • IndianHead Flowage Trial: This easy 1.5-mile out-and-back trail offers views of wetlands, bridges over streams, and marshes filled with wildflowers. You can also stop by Lions Club Park, which sits along the route. 
  • Railroad Trail: The 1.5-mile Railroad Trail will start or end at the old train depot and follow a historic railroad path. After you conquer your first mile of an easy, leveled trail, you’ll come across wooden stars with over a hundred steps. You’ll see bluffs and the river as you trek through the ravine since it’s just next to the St. Croix River. 

Wild Mountain Taylors Falls

Classic all-out theme park fun? Hit the Wild Mountain! Whether it’s summer, winter, spring, or fall, there’s unlimited fun in this local one-stop-fun-spot. You can stay cool during summer, plunging into the pools from six tubes and slides. Zooming on their 1,700-foot-long Arctic Rush Alpine Slide is a must for every family looking for things to do in Taylors Falls. You can control how slow or fast your sled will cruise through the slide so you can enjoy the view or just feel the thrill of the ride. GoKarts and a giant trampoline are also available for all-day family fun. 

Taylors Falls Waterfall

With the river and the trails in Taylors Falls, you’d expect a few natural waterfalls in the area. Well, sadly, no. You’ll find them on the Wisconsin side of Interstate Park. The 18-foot Silver Brook Waterfall is accessible via a linear 1.2-mile Silverbrook Trail or the 1.1-mile loop trail and will take around fifty minutes to complete. Still, on the WI side of the St. Croix River, the 25-foot Cascade Falls rushes with water. You can walk under the falls and dip in the waters to cool down. There are historic ruins on top and another smaller waterfall named Geiger Falls. 

Fun things to do in Taylors Falls

Fawn-Doe-Rosa Wildlife Educational Park

An educational detour from the outdoor beauty of Taylors Falls, Fawn-Doe-Rosa offers an interactive wildlife experience with deers, ponies, and more. A treat for every family member, there’s also a spot in their garden where you can enjoy the vistas of the St. Croix Valley—petting the animals while learning is a double-whammy for double the fun day at this local gem! 

Free Things to Do in Taylors Falls for Kids

Franconia Sculpture Park

Save a few bucks and explore the creations at the 43-acre Franconia Sculpture Park for free. Since its opening in 1996, the display in this creative space has been a cradle to works by more than 40 artists, ranging from recycled ones to metalworks in all shapes and sizes. Picture! Pictures! Pictures! It’s a haven of Instagrammable shots, so remember to bring your camera. 

There are also free summer concerts here, the Music@Franconia, where local artists share their talent during an hour-long performance, while the Film@Franconia runs free movie screenings. 

Music on the Overlook

Running every Friday at 6:30 PM from June to August, Music on the Overlook offers its audience free concerts with the stunning backdrop of St. Croix Falls’ natural beauty. All you need is to prepare a picnic and show up. With the sun setting, savor the atmosphere with various genres playing. There are also surprise family games, so don’t miss this free event and the fun it offers at no cost! 

Things to Do in Taylors Falls, MN, in Winter


Railroad Trail is a popular snowshoe trail for those who love snowshoeing for its accessibility and ease. Lions Park has a hundred acres of land you can explore during winter, while Bryant Woods has 60 acres. Both are relatively easy to traverse if you and your family wear the proper gear. Remember to wear appropriate clothing for protection! You may also encounter some wildlife while on the trail. 

Skiing and Snowboarding

Complete with 26 runs, snow tubes, and half-pipes, skiing and trying out other winter sports at Wild Mountain is one of the best things to do in Taylors Falls when you come during chilly months. You can choose from various lift systems. You will reach your start-off point hassle-free. You can ski nonstop for five thousand feet, while the tubing hill lets you go for 620 feet. 

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Taylors Falls Events

Taylors Falls Lighting Festival

This one-of-a-kind weekend-long Christmas event is packed with fun activities such as live performances, raffles, and visiting the historic 1852 Fox House. Friday allows free access to Interstate Park! It’s all about community sharing. Santa, the Nativity Scene, and games like bingo and hunts are everywhere. If you want a super fun local experience, you need this on top of your list of things to do in Taylors Falls. 

Christmas in July at Big Rock Creek

Christmas in July at St. Croix Valley is part of the community’s 4th of July celebration. The event lasts a couple of days and is filled with lively music, delicious feasts, and outdoor adventure. You can access Interstate Park for free too. Vendors are also everywhere. You can try out locally-sourced products and delicacies while helping the local community. 

Wannigan Days

Summer festival in cooperation between the towns of Taylors Falls and St. Croix Falls, the Wannigan Days, is another must if you want to immerse your family in local fun. Unlimited entertainment, fireworks, and overflowing food and drink options are waiting. (The inflatable castle and slides, paired with cotton candies, are rad! Your little ones will have the time of their life for sure.)There are also artisan stalls where you can grab souvenirs, and there’s no missing the parade. Whether you’re at Taylors Falls or the St. Croix Falls side of the river during the event, you will witness the parade, so no worries. 

Explore more Taylor Falls Events at the Minnesota Festival and Events site.

From hiking through stunning state parks to enjoying local treats from quaint shops, this charming town has something for everyone. So, whether you’re returning home or continuing your journey elsewhere, hold on to the spirit of Taylors Falls and carry it with you on your future adventures. Who knows, you may find yourself drawn back to this magical place time and time again, eager to create new memories and explore all it has to offer.

We hope your kids love it as much as ours!

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What are the top attractions in Taylors Falls?

There are several attractions and activities at Taylors Falls you need to experience. These include: 

– Taylors Falls Hiking
– Franconia Sculpture Park
– Taylors Falls Scenic Boat Tours
– Taylors Falls Interstate State Park
– Taylors Falls Waterfall

Learn more about what to do in our Taylor Falls Guide.

What are the best things to do with kids in Taylors Falls?

Try out these activities with your little ones and create new memories with them while in Taylors Falls:

– Fawn-Doe-Rosa Wildlife Educational Park
– Taylors Falls Kayaking
– Taylors Falls Camping
– Wild Mountain Taylors Falls
– Music on the Overlook
– Snowshoeing
– Skiing and Snowboarding
– Christmas in July at Big Rock Creek
– Wannigan Days
– Taylors Falls Lighting Festival

Learn more about what to do in our Taylor Falls Guide.