Little Beach Maui Hawaii

Little Beach Maui

Paradise awaits at Little Beach, Maui, Hawaii’s secret treasure. Sitting on the breathtaking coastline, this secluded stretch of fine sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters entices you for a slice of a tropical paradise like no other. 

Away from the typical busyness of tourist hotspots, Little Beach beckons those who want an escape into a world of serenity and lively beach culture. 

Whether you’re a sun-worshiper, someone who prefers solitude, or just seeking an unforgettable adventure, Little Beach promises memorable experiences that will leave you aching for more.

What is Little Beach in Maui famous for?

Couple at Little Beach Maui Hawaii

Known as one of the top nudist places in the world, Little Beach Maui has its fair share of natural beauty and wild crowds. It was a famous clothing-optional beach before the rules changed back in 2021 due to unmasked crowds partying amidst the peak of COVID-19. But even with new regulations, visitors still enjoy the freedom since authorities only come around during weekends before closing time. 

Locals and tourists alike head to Little Beach Maui for fun, relaxation, and to forget about the boundaries of society for a while. Its popularity sky-rocketed with all the social media influencers spreading the news about its beauty and the open-mindedness of the people that go there. 

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Little Beach Maui Etiquette

Top view of woman in hat at Little Beach Maui Hawaii

After all the troubles with authorities, there are warning signages prohibiting alcohol and nudity at Little Beach Maui. However, even though there are signs, lots of people still visit and enjoy the place on their birthday suits. But if you don’t want to follow the trend, being in your swimwear is okay. In fact, lots of people do. 

You might find it initially uncomfortable if this is your first time visiting a nudist beach. But as soon as you see that everyone is just chill and not making any scene about what’s happening, their peace will rub off on you. People are spaced out and keep to themselves for the most part. 

With all the rules in place, a non-profit wants to protect Little Beach Maui and its significance for the decades that’s passed. Little Beach Maui is fighting against the regulations and wishes to keep the tradition as it was, where everyone is free to be without judgment. 

Is Little Beach Kid Friendly?

Kids at Little Beach Maui Hawaii

It will depend on you and your beliefs. There are plenty of families who visit Little Beach in Maui. But before you do so, ask yourself and think twice about your kids’ welfare, whether or not they are okay with being exposed to something new. 

It’s not a place for nude conservatives. 

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Where is Little Beach?

Little Beach Maui Hawaii

Little Beach Maui sits between the Pacific Ocean and Makena Caldera in the island’s southern region at the Makena State Park. Its neighbor, the Big Beach, is literally bigger than its counterpart. 

How to get to Little Beach?

Here are a few options to get to Little Beach Maui:

By Car

In your vehicle, just type Big Beach Parking Lot into your GPS and follow the directions. It’s roughly 15 minutes away from Kihei, an hour from Lahaina, and 9 minutes from Wailea. Simply follow Makena Road’s southbound lane until you see the state park signage on your right, and follow the road until you reach the parking lot. From there, you’ll see a 0.3-mile trail on the right, leading you to Little Beach. 

By Taxi/Ridesharing

If you don’t have a car or don’t want to use public transport, you can haul a taxi, an Uber, or a Lyft. These services are pretty accessible and easy to use. 

By Bus

Using the bus to get to Little Beach Maui is no joke. As soon as you drop off at Shops of Wailea from Kihei, you must follow a 4-mile journey through Banyan Tree Lane on foot. It’s no simple task, so driving a car or opting for taxi/ridesharing is better. 

How hard is the hike to Little Beach in Maui?

You’ll need around 15 minutes to complete the trail. It’s easy, with 12 meters of elevation gain through a path of red and black lava cliff and vegetation. You can enjoy an overlook of the ocean and the nearby coves at its highest point. Remember to wear proper footwear since there are sharp rocks along the way. 

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Parking at Little Beach

You can park your vehicle at the Makena State Park parking lot for $10 and an extra $5/head, except for kids under three years. Commercial groups also have different fees. PUCs with up to 7 people cost $25, 8-25 for $50, and $90 for groups with more than 25 people. Only tourists must pay the fees, while locals can drop by for free. 

Opening Hours

View of legs walking on Little Beach Maui Hawaii

The parking is accessible as early as 7 AM daily and closes at 6:45 PM, from Monday to Friday, and at 4 PM on weekends. The Big Beach and Small Beach are open from 5 AM daily. Big Beach closes at 6:45 PM any day, while Little Beach closes at 6 PM on weekdays and a couple of hours earlier on weekends. 

Best Time to Visit

The shoulder seasons during April/May and September/October are the best times to visit Little Beach Maui. You can enjoy lesser crowds and take advantage of the lower rates compared to peak seasons such as summer. 

But you can enjoy a scenic sunset at Little Beach any day of the year. And since it’s facing west, the sunset here is one of the best on the island, with the sun kissing the golden coast. Any crowd also starts packing up during this time. 

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Little Beach Maui has no facilities in its area, but the neighboring Big Beach is equipped with picnic tables and portable toilets. Both beaches have no concessions, so you must pack up and bring everything you need during your stay. 

What to Do at Little Beach Maui?

Kid at Little Beach Maui Hawaii

The waters at Little Beach Maui are generally calm except during winter. It makes this beautiful gem ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. It is a secluded beach, so don’t expect any adrenaline-filled water activities. But if you visit during winter, you might have some waves to ride with your surfboard or boogie board. 

Little Beach Maui is laid-back, so pack your beach blanket, sunblock, and plenty of snacks. There used to be a drum circle performance with fire dancers here, but it has been moved to Chang’s Beach. 

Where to Stay at Little Beach Maui?

Here are some stays you can check out within a 300-meter radius of Little Beach Maui:

As the sun sets on your visit to Little Beach, Maui, take cherished memories and a deep appreciation for nature’s majestic beauty. This hidden paradise has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on your soul, reminding you of the power of serenity and the allure of untouched vistas. 

Whether you found solace in the rhythmic crashing of the waves, reveled in the vibrant beach culture, or discovered new facets of yourself amidst this tropical oasis, Little Beach will leave a lasting impression in your mind and your psyche. 

As you say goodbye to this paradise, carry its spirit of peace and adventure with you, knowing that the magic of Little Beach will continue to inspire and beckon travelers for generations to come until we meet again—Aloha and Mahalo, Little Beach.

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What is Little Beach famous for?

Little Beach Maui is famous for its clothing-optional tradition. No, it’s not legal and people are fighting for this nudist paradise to remain clothing optional since it’s a thing that’s already rooted deeply since it started decades ago. Authorities only visit during weekends past 4 PM, but people can still enjoy total freedom at Little Beach the rest of the week. 

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Where is Little Beach Maui?

Little Beach Maui sits right at Makena State Park in the town of Kihei, south of the Island. 

For exact details read our Little Beach Guide.

How to get to Little Beach?

You can reach Little Beach Maui by car, taxi/ridesharing, or bus. 

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Is Little Beach Maui family-friendly?

The decision is up to you. Little Beach Maui welcomes families with kids. The place is free of judgment, and people are mostly respectful of others. But you might want to avoid this area if you’re a conservative. 

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